Working 1:1 with Willow Francis

About Willow

Willow Francis has over three decades of experience working both in the mainstream healthcare profession (nursing and paramedics) as well as the more holistic and spiritually focused health modalities. This includes an extensive history facilitating meditation. He is one of Australia’s most respected HeartMath Institute trainers and supports individuals to develop their capacity to emotionally regulate, re-align with their core values go deeper with their spiritual evolution. One of his skills is to support mentees to have a positive shift and expansion in perception.

Complementary Consultation

30 minute session – by phone, via Zoom or in person (Fremantle area). Discuss your specific needs and challenges together with Willow Francis so you both can see if you have a good rapport and that working with him is going to be best for you.

During this session, you may also have a chance to receive an introduction to the tools and technology from the HeartMath Institute, discuss working with mindful self-compassion, evolutionary meditation or learning to self-access non-ordinary states of consciousness.

During the session, you can also put together, if appropriate, a mentoring plan for your needs (no pressure!)

Contact Willow directly to organise a time : 0415463557 or

HeartMath Foundational Training

Using the foundation of the gold standard evidence-based tools and techniques from The HeartMath Institute, Willow Francis will fully support you to dive deeply into an expanded understanding and new perception of the current habits, blind spots and challenges that may be limiting you to make the positive changes you know are possible.

Over 6 weeks, you will build a solid new foundation of practice that allows you to make immediate, significant and measurable changes to the important areas of your life.

$700 (payment plans available if needed)

Includes: 7 hours of 1:1 mentoring; worksheets, guided recorded sessions, access to Willow for support throughout the 6 weeks; biofeedback using HeartMath’s Heart Rate Variability monitor.

Willow is also able to offer one-off sessions and follow up sessions at $100 per session. Customised programs can be put together as needed.

Contact Willow directly to discuss booking dates for this training – 0415463557 or

Willow Francis has been a coach and mentor for our HeartMath training program for many years and the support he gives our clients is invaluable as these new coaches begin their coaching and mentoring using the HeartMath training.  We at Macquarie Institute highly recommend Willow’s services.

Maria Thompson, The Macquarie Institute (HeartMath USA’s Australian representative)

Meditation Mentoring

Come and work with Willow in the special Meditation Tent at Reverence HQ. During these sessions, you will learn how to focus, to let go and understand what that really means, to relax and to deeply rest.

You will spend time practicing what you learn as well as gaining new and important perspectives on how to work with your practices both during meditation time and in life.

Mentees report profound shifts in their lives towards more peace, contentment, emotional regulation, creativity and relaxing into being guided by a greater source than what we call the ‘personal self’.

$100 per session

Contact Willow directly to discuss booking dates for this training – 0415463557 or

Executive Mentoring

Working with a triad approach, incorporating HeartMath techniques, evolutionary style meditation and breath work, you will journey with Willow to expand access to the executive centres of your brain, optimise the coordination between elements of your nervous system and over time, tweak the direction of your life’s compass to a more expanded and spiritually oriented perspective.

Willow only has a few spaces each week that he puts aside to work with individuals in this comprehensive way.

He will arrange blocks of sessions that are customised to your requirements and availabilities.

$100 per session

Contact Willow directly to discuss booking availability – 0415463557 or

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