Becoming a Conscious Provider

Transcending Reactions and the Primitive Brain

A 5 week online training for men that teaches proven tools so you can 
respond, not react to life’s challenges and in the relationships that matter

We all know how we feel when we are in charge of ourselves. Able to stay composed under pressure, respond in a mature and inspiring way to our kid’s quirks and be a deep, caring, and loving partner when our spouse needs us. We feel proud, successful, purposeful and able to enjoy all the gifts of the life we have in front of us.

This is all good sometimes AND in theory, but not always easy when we are under duress or when life’s responsibilities have built up over time and got on top of us. We can feel on edge, anxious, irritable and numbed out, or on autopilot.

It is at these times we can find ourselves being a real ‘dick’ and not see a way out of our ‘lower nature’ reactions. Snapping at the kids, emotionally closed off to our partners and uninspired and overwhelmed in our work.

If you are in a spot in your life where you are feeling wound up, a bit out of control, frustrated or down because of any of the above, we really hope you are motivated to join us. 

You may have tried things before – drugs, supplements, psychology or counselling, or weird things your partner may have recommended ‘for your own good’, but none of these worked.

This is different. It isn’t talk therapy and doesn’t require you to go into old emotional traumas in order to make real gains.

The approach is mechanical. What we mean by that is, we are working with physiology. When the emotions start to come over us it isn’t just a feeling, it is because a multitude of neurotransmitters, electro-magnetic signals and hormones are dumped into our system. The more we react in certain ways, the more habitually these changes occur. 

The tools and techniques you will learn over the 5 weeks have been tried, tested and proven by hundreds of thousands of individuals over the past 30 years. Researched and evidence based tools that measurably (and quickly) change these reactivity patterns at the point the emotions are coming on and then lower our habitual set-point, over time.

Willow Francis, co-founder of Reverence Events and trainer for this course has been working successfully with people like you… good men, living good lives – who may be struggling to handle emotions, who have found themselves in tricky situations in their life and need practical and speedy help to get onto a new track – one that optimises the incredible capacities of the more evolved parts of our brain and other neurological systems in the body.

The techniques you will learn are simple and can be used anytime – on your own and in the presence of others. You could be in conversation, driving, in a meeting…become aware that you have become triggered in some way and settle yourself…in the moment. This is powerful. 

These tools will also help you to manage your energy through the day, so you are much less likely to come home tired and irritable – better able to connect and enjoy your family. 

Short, simple (but not simplistic) tools that work.

This isn’t a magic pill to make you into a Jedi Master in 5 weeks, but we can guarantee that noticeable and significant positive changes will start to happen as soon as you start practicing… from Week one. They will then accumulate over time and can become a toolkit that you access for the rest of your life. 

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Who is your trainer?

Willow Francis had it rough growing up, he has overcome patterning from an abusive childhood, relationship breakdowns, financial crises and addiction and is now on the other side  – living a rich, satisfying and healthy life. With a loving partner, successful business and deep friendships.

He certainly isn’t perfect, but has found that the tools he will teach you in this course and the information he will share has had the most profound positive impact on him personally and with the thousands of individuals he has worked with, out of all the approaches he has applied.

When you work with Willow, you will get a straight-up approach. He will tell it like it is, has a ‘no excuses’ policy and a bit of a ‘potty mouth’. He will also be there for you 100%, and is a strong, incredibly kind and compassionate teacher. With his breadth and depth of experience, Willow can really help you to see things differently, motivate you and facilitate you get where you need to go. 

Willow has fine-tuned the approach and delivery of these tools and techniques over the past decade and has taken the leap to the digital world and is offering this training online for the first time.


How does it all work?

You will learn to work with a combination of simple self-awareness, new understandings around physiology, easy work with the breath and focus, and practicing simple emotional shifts in realtime. 

These tools change the way that individuals respond to stress and other difficult emotions habitually, from the foundation upwards. Going more directly to the source of the fight-flight-freeze pattern (the primitive brain, or limbic system) that is hijacking the mature, more evolved parts of ourself…and re-pattern from there.

This approach works with the knowledge that specific interactions between the nervous system, the physical heart and the brain are required in order to change the chemicals released and create a gap between reaction and emotion where healthier, more evolved responses can be made. Over time, this mechanism can be leveraged in order to naturally change the emotional baseline to one that is less reactive and more composed.

Why join us now?

How bad do you want things to get before you take action? Willow recently worked with one individual who came to him living in a caravan park, contemplating the end of his marriage, his relationship with his 11 year old son and his job! Don’t let things get to this extreme….or if you are already facing the abyss….take the support now so you can come back from the edge. 

You will have weekly 90 minute training sessions as well as additional weekly 1 hour live Q & A sessions with Willow where you can receive realtime support for your current issues and inspiration from others making their own changes. 

You will be in a small, safe environment of fellow men with similar values. From week one of the training, if you apply just the first tool you learn, you will experience noticeable positive changes. During the training, you will receive handouts, exercises, recordings and support all the way along. Once you start to be able to respond, not react, this is so motivating – you will be feeling better about yourself and pumped to continue to make powerful positive changes. 

You will be joining a group of men committed to living a more conscious life – stepping up to become the provider, lover and father you know they want to be. 

Live Q & A Sessions will be on the Monday @ 7pm (20th June; 27th June; 4th July; 11th July)

  • Reminders will be sent out prior to each session

As this is the first time online, the total price is currently just $297. 

This price includes 11.5 hours of live sessions, session recordings, MP3 recordings and downloadable material. It is currently $110/hour to work with Willow 1:1 so this is a fantastic opportunity if you are ready. 20 places only.