Beyond Mindfulness Meditation

Events and training dedicated to supporting us to transcend resistance to ‘what is’ and in living a more spiritually awake and surrendered life.

Beyond Mindfulness Meditation

Are you someone that is committed to living a spiritually guided life? Do you know that you want to live from a place of surrender, trust and faith but are finding that your worldly life and internal dialogue feel like they are getting in the way of this commitment and that you are suffering because of that?

Join our fortnightly deep dive meditation evening sessions and/or our special one day retreats.

We focus on diving beneath the surface self and dropping into the depth of our core self. The part of us that is beyond the mind, the feelings, the physical body and the external world and connecting with the part of us that is aware of it all – infinitely still, peaceful, compassionate, loving, intelligent….our divine essence.

At all Reverence Events we value warmth, kindness, welcoming and humour.

Who is your meditation guide?

Willow Francis has understood the importance of a consistent, grounded and practical meditation practice for the past 30 years. He has 3 decades of experience in mainstream healthcare, holistic health and spiritual practice. For the past 4 years, he has been working deeply with a meditation approach sometimes referred to as ‘Conscious Contentment’ and has found, that in all his years experience living and teaching meditation – that this has had the most profound impact for him spiritually. An impact that extends to both awakening and mystical experiences, as well as into his daily life. Becoming more stoic, less reactive, able to stay connected more consistently with his core values and able to let go and follow life’s nudges with more ease. He has also experienced a dropping away of fearful striving and is able to rest into spiritual trust more consistently.

This approach draws directly on the works of respected spiritual guides such as Jeff Carreira, Ramana Maharshi and Michael A. Singer.

By connecting more consistently with the deeper self beyond the physical layers, we can live our lives with less suffering. Live in a kinder, more trusting, more easeful and liberated way. Letting go of the unhelpful enmeshment with the thoughts and our personal misguided preferences and instead embrace the magnificent guiding presence of the divine, thereby co-creating a more loving, grateful and mature humanity.

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