Evolutionary Practice Project

Creating opportunities that develop a community of individuals committed to leaning into the leading edge of human evolution,

Fortnightly Evening Sessions

As long as we are using our meditation to simply try to generate and sustain a peaceful, serene feeling state, we are missing out on the much more profound opportunity for contentment and spiritual transformation that meditation can bring. 

The radical inner peace that authentic spiritual practice brings about, is a contentment of a completely different order. 

It’s a contentment that is there no matter what we’re feeling. 

It’s an equanimity that is here whether we are feeling upset or angry, deeply sad, ecstatically joyful, bored to tears, or anything else we could feel. 

This new offering is designed to work beneath the fundamental existential discontent or angst which is almost always the substrate of human experience.

As one of our mentors Craig Hamilton expresses it “when we commit to a meditation practice of being content regardless of what we’re experiencing, we open the door to a profound transformation of our relationship to feelings and to life. We start to cultivate an unshakeable steadiness in the face of every changing life experience.”

This heightened capacity is much more significant than any superficial and fleeting “peace” that may or may not occur in meditation. It’s a kind of inner peace that is deep and enduring because it is rooted in a part of us that is always untouched by the ups and downs of life. 

Fully embraced, it is nothing less than liberation itself. 

Spiritual awakening is not about being emotionally content. It’s much deeper than that. It’s about being existentially content. It means you are content at the deepest level of your being.

A commitment to this depth of evolutionary practice it totally counter-cultural. That’s why we need each other to support, affirm and evolve together.

That’s what Willow and I are committed to. We want to share our current evolution with you, our spiritual family, and continue to evolve at the evolutionary edge, together. 

We will have some Satsung (a Sanskrit word meaning “gathering together for the truth”), start to cultivate our meditation practice and have some time for a cuppa and for questions/clarifications of the practice. 

The structure will evolve and develop, and we trust that something special will emerge as we expand together.

We will likely also start to offer sessions online as well – but to start – we will gather in our beautiful Bell Tent.

We hope you can come into the closer circle and continue this spiritual journey with us.

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