Heart Based Mindfulness

Using The HeartMath Institute’s gold standard training, learn to work with the physiology of the heart & nervous system to reduce and manage difficult emotions such as anxiety & depression, reconnect with your core values & access practical heart intelligence. Based in Perth, WA

Working with the Heart in Mindfulness. HeartMath Training.

Working with the Heart in Mindfulness Workshop

Willow Francis from Reverence Events is excited to share this practical information and tool kit building workshop with you. This session revolves around the affect that the physical heart has on our nervous system, our cognition, our perception and overall health.

He will explore the science and how to work more deliberately with your physiology in order to dial down an overactive nervous system, manage difficult emotions such as anxiety and depression as well as tune in more regularly and effectively with your heart intelligence and intuition…

“Tonight was amazing. Educational and enjoyable at the same time. The facts of what’s going on with the heart and how you can come into a coherent state with yourself and everyone around you. Then after learning about everything, we moved into a practical meditative state and actually saw on the biofeedback monitor how we go into coherence and achieve it. It has given me loads of information I can bring into my day to day routine so that is awesome”


HeartMath USA Resilience Advantage Training Group
HeartMath USA Resilience Advantage Training Group

Group and Organisation Sessions

We can facilitate small and large group events suited to your theme. Sessions can be 1 -2 hours, a half or full day, or we can contribute to your retreat, festival or conference.

  • Heart based meditations
  • Education sessions (more and less formal)
  • Special Topics such as self care, building resilience, cultivating intuition, learning how to relax, managing difficult emotions such as anxiety and depression, accessing peace and ease and coherent communication

Contact us to discuss your event: contact@reverenceevents.com.au

Phone: 0415463557

HeartMath Certified Trainer Perth

1:1 Training and Mentoring with Willow Francis

Using the foundation of the gold standard evidence-based tools and techniques from The HeartMath® Institute and the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion, Willow will fully support you to dive deeply into an expanded understanding and new perception of the current habits, blind spots and challenges that may be limiting you to make the positive changes you know are possible. Willow generally offers a foundational 6 week program. During the program, you will build a solid new foundation of practice that allows you to make immediate, significant and on-going changes to the important areas of your life.


Andrea Rowe, Health Practitioner & Business Owner

“The HeartMath training has given me a true, sustained experience of more time, space and appreciation of all the wonderful things that were already around me. Willow and Catherine make this fun and easy to learn. They provide an empowering, accessible inspiration in walking the talk of living a compassionate, engaged life. I now have tools that allow space between the stressors of life and my reaction to them and the spin off effect of using the heart-mindfulness tools, is that the joy of the small moments of being present in the hearts experience spills over to make life feel like a rich, creative journey again rather than an endurance event. I would recommend anyone feeling the burden of stress in the modern world learn what Catherine and Willow are so passionate about teachingtion so far, very much appreciated!…”

Jodi Duval, Naturopath & Lecturer, Revital Podcast

“The HeartMath and Self-Compassion tools give you empowerment that ripples through your whole life!! In all of my professional and teaching career I have not felt this connected to my students and patients, free from judgement, nervousness and self consciousness. My lessons have become more meaningful and passionate and I have noticed a difference in my students when I am truly coherent”

Meredith, Teacher Recruitment

“”Before I learned these tools, I knew I was not experiencing life the way I wanted to. On the surface life was plentiful but I struggled to see and really feel this. As I began to apply the tools and techniques this has all changed. I don’t get upset by the small things so much now. I can show the love and care I deeply feel towards my beautiful daughters more than ever and can stay soft with and blame less my loving partner. These tools are now my everyday weaponry against negativity, self pity, burn-out and overwhelm. To have such tools at my fingertips is a blessed relief. I am now filled with appreciation and wonder for life which had become lost to me. I thank Willow and Catherine everyday.”

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