3 Day Training in the Out-of-Body Experience

This gold standard three day training has been found to be the most honed & successful way to learn & practice accessing ‘phase’ states.

This format is designed for you to achieve the most pronounced results within the shortest period of time. You will have the 3 working sessions over three days, as well as heading home and performing your specific plan of action each night.

The out-of-body state involves the feeling of one’s body floating, standing and walking outside of the physical body one identifies with while awake. This experience is usually attained while in a state somewhere between waking and sleeping. It is different from a dream.

All the senses are heightened, hyperreal – one is lucid, conscious and aware.

Scientifically, the out-of-body experience has been described as an experience caused by various neurological and psychological factors (Zhang, 2017). Regardless of the physiological factors involved in the out-of-body state, the subjective experience is undeniably real. This is what give it an unrivalled capacity to support individuals to learn, explore and grow through direct experience. It is a whole new reality to navigate, to maintain focus in and transcend the limits of day to day rationale in relating to one’s environment. With skill, you can dive deeply into this incredibly mystical state which once seemed a realm only for the mystical elite.

To be asleep to one’s full potential, hear the call that the impossible is in fact possible and then dare to step off that cliff into a personal sensorial knowing, is to experience one of the most powerful phenomenon achievable by humans.


πŸ‘‰ Know yourself as more than your physical body
πŸ‘‰ Access alternate realms of consciousness: wisdom, creativity, healing
πŸ‘‰ Break free of limitations
πŸ‘‰ Heal fears, phobias and anxieties
πŸ‘‰ Experience desires in the dream state
πŸ‘‰ Experience bliss and oneness consciousness

Day 1 : 6pm – 9.30pm

Dive straight in to understanding the mechanics of how to move into β€œthe phase”- including leveraging the β€œone minute window”.

Receive a complete understanding of the methodology of the training approach and how to simply, easily and immediately apply what you learn in this first session that night.

You will then be required, after 4 – 6 hours sleep that night, to get up for a short period and then perform your plan of action for the last couple of hours of the night. Be prepared to put in your all for the night-time practice!

Day 2: 1pm – 5.00pm

  • Analysis – delve into your successes and challenges of the previous night – it is only through a comprehensive analysis of your practice can you learn to succeed consistently.
  • Learn and practice strategies for deepening the state
  • Learn and practice strategies for maintaining and lengthening time in the state
  • Discuss what to do in the state, such as translocation and finding objects
  • Further practical application such as obtaining information

You will then be required, after 4 – 6 hours sleep that night, to get up for a short period and then perform your specific plan of action for the last couple of hours of the night. Be prepared to put in your all for the night-time practice!

Day 3: 1pm – 5.00pm

  • Analysis of your previous nights explorations
  • Learn the more advanced method that you will begin to use over time as you mature your practice
  • Practical applications for self-healing
  • Setting up practice plans and exciting applications for you personally moving forward

Cost: $380


Stirling, Western Australia

“I have done the 3 days course and have to say: best choice ever for my growth and my awareness; the course is really well structured with plenty of practical moments, the atmosphere is promoting relaxation and serenity, content is clear and well explained, the instructors are amazing people. I truly recommend this training.”



“Willow inspired me to be confident to use the techniques. Success on the first night! I was able to complete my first task – to get out of my body and look at myself in the mirror! What a revelation. I now know deeply that, as Willow says “I am more than my physical body”.”



“My out of body experiences have been some of the most joyful and transformative experiences of my life. To be able to become lucid, conscious, aware when I know my physical body is asleep totally changed my world view. I now know that the ‘real’ me won’t end when I die. What a gift. Willow is a stunning human and fantastic guide.”

Your Facilitator

During a serious, life-threatening accident, Willow Francis suddenly found himself outside of his physical body. He watched the horrific events happen to his body as if he was another person in the crowd. This moment fundamentally changed his understanding of reality. Willow later learned that the shock and pain of the event had jolted him involuntarily into an Out of Body state. During the weeks following the accident, Willow practiced breath work and meditation to deal with the intense pain of the healing process. Several times he again found himself in spontaneous out-of-body experiences. In these states his senses were hyper real – he could feel, touch, taste and smell. These experiences propelled Willow on a journey to seek explanation and understanding. He travelled to various parts of the world researching the latest findings on the science of Lucid Dreaming and the Out of Body State. Willow has since experienced many spontaneous and intentional alternate states through the practices he learned. He has experienced powerful physical, mental and spiritual benefits from being in the state. Willow now runs workshops and holds presentations to inspire others and share a practical understanding of this profound phenomenon which he describes as one of the most incredible things you can experience in this lifetime.

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