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Cacao Ceremony for Winter Solstice at the Mind Body Heart Studio – West Perth

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  • Cacao Ceremony - Saturday 17th June 2023
     June 17, 2023
     6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Mind Body Heart Studio is committed to living a more “cyclical life” in tune with the cycles of nature and their therapeutic effect on our beings. To honour this commitment to ourselves and mother nature, we invite you to the second of the quarterly Cacao Ceremonies at the Mind Body Heart Studio, as we pause to attune to and celebrate the Winter Solstice for 2023.


The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun is standing still at its lowest arc in the sky~ promoting internal stillness and quietude within our inner and outer world.
Celebrating the solstice can be a magical, contemplative time—a night of spiritual reconnection and ritual – a wonderful remembrance that our lives are part of a larger picture, always changing, always renewing.
Symbolically, the solstice is a time of turning inward, into the darkness, into the depths of the unknown. It’s a time of tuning into a deep sense of intuition—trusting your inner voice.
Stillness is therefore a beautiful way to celebrate this special annual event – reflecting on the passing of the first half of this year, while cultivating stillness within yourself to light a path forward into brighter days and expanding light.
With the June New Moon also above us, the sky is at its darkest prompting even more stillness, softness, love and seeds of peace.
We’ll be setting New Moon Intentions and creating the perfect opening ceremony with the help of your unique energy and the collective energy of our soulful group.
We invite you to be content in the stillness, offering you clarity and giving you strength to be at peace… to be in oneness with all that is.
This is a powerful time to synchronise with the natural cycles and attune to their therapeutic effect on our beings. An opportunity to pause and connect with our true nature, inviting brighter days and more light into our lives!
Concluding the ceremony with (optional) post-session journaling and light refreshments shared amongst beautiful companionship.
Everything will be provided, and we would love nothing more than to sit in ceremony with you as we fuse together cacao, sound, serenity, and connection.
✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶ ⭒ ✶
Be welcomed by some of Perth’s most heart focused practitioners and passionate superfood experts as Mind Body Heart & Reverence Events come together to facilitate what will be a powerful event. A 3-hour immersive experience offering the gifts of ancient ceremony in a modern context to uncover our inherent worthiness, wisdom, and deep peace. Using guided meditation, sound technology that gently slows brain waves (allowing easy access to more refined states of consciousness), and, of course, the pharmacology and spirit of cacao. Throughout the ceremony, you’ll receive all the nutritional and spiritual benefits of the cacao plant with a concentrated, pure, and traditionally prepared cacao drink to connect you to your senses. Then, delve into an immersive world of evocative and eclectic soundscapes, all specifically and scientifically selected to assist the brain in accessing the deeper rhythms normally accessible only to those very experienced in meditation. Connect through a purposefully set and held space where concentrated intent and collective attention create richer moments.


Natalie Amar is the passionate owner of The Mind Body Heart Studio and the I AM FOODS organic superfood brand. With more than 15 years experience in personal training, Pilates, and all things wellness, she loves nothing more than creating beautiful experiences where people can be reminded that their mind, their body, and their heart are their true homes. She believes that by realigning our personal wellness, we can collectively care for the wellbeing of our planet and create a better future of wholesome health.



“I attended the Cacao Ceremony on Sunday… such a deep and blissful experience! … a sacred space that invites inner enquiry … beautifully held by Willow & Catherine. I Highly recommend Reverence Events. I have been attending their events for over 10 years now and value the caring, wise and authentic facilitation they both bring to whatever they do”. – Alison J


“I attend regularly and love the Cacao ceremonies because it’s perhaps the most authentic, supportive, loving and insightful circle available regularly in Perth. It is a magical place where I can go each month to truly connect with myself. I can always feel the love that Catherine and Willow put into every detail of these experiences” – Lianna F



  • Please note that if you have a diagnosis of epilepsy, the sound technology we use may make this event unsuitable for you. Please contact us prior to completing your booking.
  • This ticket is non-refundable, but can be moved once if required to the next Cacao Ceremony at Mind Body Heart up to one week prior to the event. 


Venue:   Mind Body Heart Studio

Venue Phone: 0421 818 805

Venue Website:

67 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth, Western Australia


67 Plaistowe Mews

West Perth, WA

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