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Reverence Events

Catherine and Willow Francis began working together in 2008. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to providing educational sessions, meditation classes, coaching, and transformative ceremonial events like Cacao Ceremonies.

Their mission is clear and unwavering: to empower individuals in facing life’s challenges and to forge deeper connections with life’s extraordinary moments and mystery.

Collaborating closely, they bring complementary skills and facilitation styles to the table, creating a formidable force for driving positive change within individuals and communities.

Together, Catherine and Willow offer over fifty years of combined experience, spanning both the modern medical field and holistic health modalities. They are deeply committed to sharing this wealth of knowledge in a way that’s both potent and accessible.

Their work is deeply influenced by the teachings and practices of The HeartMath Institute, a globally revered research and education organisation. With their vision of ‘global coherence,’ HeartMath strive to contribute to a shift in global consciousness, from instability and discord to compassionate care, cooperation, and increasing peace.

In addition to their work with HeartMath, they guide meditation classes, facilitate mindfulness practices, and host ceremonial events. These offerings provide individuals with a space for collective support, rejuvenation, and a profound connection to the transcendent essence of life.

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Willow Francis

When Willow was 5 years old he found himself bundled into the car in the middle of the night with his Mum and siblings to escape domestic violence. This was one of many difficult childhood experiences for a caring young boy who believed in magic. Trying everything to escape his dysfunctional childhood, at the legal age of 16 he ran away and joined the Navy as a Paramedic. Unfortunately the military is not the best place to find safety and care.

At age 20, he had an accident that changed the course of his life. After being temporarily blinded by caustic acid, Willow found himself bedridden and in the dark. During this period, an inner light had the chance to switch on and gave him the insight and strength to do what was needed. He had to leave. To desert the Navy and head off into the world.

Once his vision returned, he took two weeks leave, packed a back pack, gave his apartment and car keys to a friend and booked a one way ticket to London Via Los Angeles, from Sydney. With only $400 in his pocket and an Interpol warrant for his arrest, his new life began. As he headed off, he felt the constraints of the main stream paradigm peeling off him and knew that he was finally ready to LIVE. To discover the goodness and magic of life and find out what it was really all about.

Willow spent the next two decades having wonderful adventures as well as overcoming many challenges: from addiction to loneliness, homelessness, financial and relationship challenges. He became committed to healing himself of the patterns and challenges of his early years and the affect they had had on him.

What he saw as he embarked on this healing journey and travelled the world began to reaffirm what he new deep down as a child – that life really is magical, that the majority of people in the world have deep kindness and generosity, and that a return to wholeness is possible.

Over time he developed an incredibly rich and wide worldview that had a foundation of awe, trust in life, the goodness of people and a deep understanding of the potential for individual transformation and transcendence.

Through his commitment to immersing himself in the best of the best trainings over the last 30 years: including 2 decades of work in Nursing and a decade as Australia’s most recommended HeartMath Institute coach/trainer. Willow now considers himself a happy, healthy and well-balanced individual. He has been in an incredibly rich and satisfying relationship with is partner Catherine since 2008.

He has now supported 1000’s of individuals who find themselves trapped by their own limited worldview and emotional habits and attitudes. Those who have a genuine desire to break out of their self-imposed constraints and re-discover the meaningfulness and wonder of life and how to healthily care for themselves and the one’s they love.

He discovered that every individual that has the courage to break free from their own constraints and live in a way that is kinder and truer to their deeper, wiser selves, helps in alleviating the suffering of humanity – one heart at a time.

Catherine Francis

From an early age, Catherine showed deep empathy and a commitment to kindness. She always knew she would work where people needed support in returning to well-being.

She began her career as a community-based physiotherapist for children, families and schools. Working in interdisciplinary teams (with social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists), she was able to offer support that assisted families in a whole of life way.

Over time, she was drawn to support people in a more holistic way. She teamed up with Willow Francis in 2008 and they developed training programs, educational workshops and meditation events that focused on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Since then, Catherine has continued to run events and trainings with Willow in their quest in supporting individuals to become better equipped to handle life’s challenges and connect more deeply with life’s wonders.

Catherine has been a certified HeartMath Institute coach and trainer since 2013. She is trained in mental health first aid, and has completed a certificate in Chaplaincy, Pastoral care and Spiritual care. She continues in her mission to provide presence and care to support and assist people in the midst of their lives, no matter what they are facing.



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Portfolio of businesses, events & organisations we have worked with

Non-Profit and Government Organisations

Community Arts Network

Cancer Wellness Centre

National Disability Service

Soroptomists International

Melville Cares Volunteer Service

Men’s Shed Association

The Meeting Place Fremantle

State Library of Perth

Polytechnic of Western Australia

Perth City Farm

Creative Recovery Network

Westcoast Community Centre

Workcover WA

RUAH & Headspace

Port High School

Local Councils

City of Perth

City of Wanneroo

City of Joondalup

City of Fremantle

City of Melville

City of Rockingham

Health & Wellness Stores

Dynamic Organic – Mandurah

The Green Bean Organic Store & Cafe – Lathlain

Manna Wholefoods

Other Collaborations

Sound Alchemy

Private Organisations

The MacQuarie Institute (Australia’s HeartMath representatives)

Endeavour School of Natural Health

ANZ Bank

Pinetrees Lodge Lord Howe Island

Subsea 7 Engineering Perth

Sneakers ‘n’ Jeans Group

Adrenalin Adventures

Carnegie Wave Energy

Revital Health

Mother Health School

Perth Waldorf Steiner School

Rener Health

Yoga & Wellness Centres

Flowspace Yoga – North Perth and Myaree

Mind Body Heart Studio – Wembley

Twisting Fish – Claremont

The YogaLab – Fremantle

The Yoga Garage – Scarborough

New U Wellness – Stirling

Community Yoga & Wellness – Secret Harbour

Yes 2 Life Natural Therapy Centre

Wellness Festivals & Symposiums

Mind of Plants Symposium


Flow Festival

ManiFest Festival

Conscious Living Festival

Workplace Wellness Symposium

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