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Meditation classes, retreats & other training to reduce suffering and expand emotional capacity for deep hearts commited to the greater good. Perth, WA

Are you a deep and caring person committed to contributing to a thriving, resilient and compassionate world and would like to up-skill and connect with others of like heart?

Our meditation classes, events and 1:1 support are designed to do just that! We look forward to meeting and supporting you.




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About Reverence Events

When co-founders Willow and Catherine Francis met in 2008, they connected in their commitment to living an authentic and grounded spiritual life. They have been living and working together ever since. 

They support those in their sphere in cultivating emotional maturity in themselves and relationships. Teaching participants and clients to deepen their capacity to express and embody noble human qualities such as compassion and kindness. They are dedicated to contributing to a positively evolving humanity.

Willow and Catherine have now run hundreds of meditation classes, retreats and other meditation and mindfulness events such as Cacao Ceremonies.

Willow Francis has also been working as a coach for the past decade with individuals and couples. He offers effective life coaching with evidence-based tools, techniques and practices.

Catherine and Willow have a shared background working within the medical arena (Physiotherapy and Nursing), as well as a passion and dedication to the wisdom traditions and holistic health modalities.

In other words, they combine science and spirit in their events and coaching.


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A Cacao Ceremony – A Mini Meditation Retreat

A cacao ceremony will deepen your capacity to engage renewing and transformative emotions such as gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and dignity. It will give you the space to rest deeply and reset your nervous system, putting the body into the best state for self-healing and access to spiritual guidance and creativity.


I attended the Cacao Ceremony on Sunday… such a deep and blissful experience!…a sacred space that invites inner inquiry.. beautifully held by Willow & Catherine. I Highly recommend Reverence Events. I have been attending their events for over 10 years now and value the caring, wise and authentic facilitation they both bring to whatever they do.


I have been attending the monthly cacao ceremonies now for over two years they have become a much forward to time out gift to myself and are a very important contribution to my overall well-being and growth. Catherine and Willow conduct the ceremonies beautifully with so much love and support around the setting and the music. They do an amazing job in creating a caring safe, open and sharing experience for us to come together, relax and meditate.


I enjoy attending the Cacao Ceremonies regularly to create some space in my life to check in with whatever may be occurring within. Sitting in the space that Catherine and Willow create through the use of ceremony, sound and cacao allows a deeper connection with quietness and beauty. This focused time with my inner self reconnects me to the awe of existence. I always leave with a renewed perspective on life and a greater sense of connectedness with the whole.



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Meditation Classes – Join a 6 week series or retreat day

We focus on diving beneath the busy surface self and dropping into the depth of our core self. 

This is part of us that is beyond thought, feelings, sensations and the external world. We teach you how to connect with the part that is aware of it all – infinitely still, peaceful, compassionate and wise.

This approach to meditation draws directly on the works of respected spiritual guides such as Jeff Carreira, Ramana Maharshi and Michael A. Singer.

By connecting more consistently with the deeper self beyond the physical layers, we can live our lives with less suffering. Live in a kinder, more trusting, more easeful and liberated way.


Willow and Catherine embody what this work is all about. They lead the way by setting an example of how things should be done by living, breathing and loving what they teach. It has been an absolute pleasure to work along side them to be guided on this journey. They have, and continue to provide a supportive foundation for this work whilst being honest and up front when they need to be to ensure that you get the maximum benefits of the training.

DAN REGAN, Health Practitioner

Willow and Catherine provide a safe haven of peace and presence in a world that often goes too fast for any humble soul. They have a breadth of skills, tools and good humour to support anyone hoping to return to the stillness within us all and cultivate room for a more conscious, creative life. I can recommend spending time sitting with them.  Their authentic commitment to a soulful journey is both honest and generous.  They continue to provide a space to drop through all the barriers we create for ourselves and find who remains awake with fresh, hopeful resolve.


I’ve found using the techniques I learned with Willow & Catherine has led to greater self-awareness, increased compassion and feelings of ease in both body & mind. Stressful situations & emotions are more manageable with quicker recovery time. Working with both Willow & Catherine enabled me to gain increased understanding and insight as each has their own unique life experiences to draw on and styles of teaching.  


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With a depth of experience, humour and skill, Willow works with those with big hearts who are currently suffering.

You may be one such person. 

Already with some self-awareness, you get the sense that you need to be carefully supported to more gracefully navigate this time you find yourself in.

Perhaps you are in a transition period in your life, perhaps dealing with a particular personal or relationship challenge and/or re-evaluating how to move forward more meaningfully.


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