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Meditation Classes and Retreats.

Training in Heart-Based Mindfulness. Perth, WA




Cacao Ceremony – Dates and Bookings – 2024

An immersive sound and meditation mini-retreat taking us straight to our wise and open-hearted selves. Perth’s original Cacao Ceremony has been running continuously since 2010.

Cacao Ceremony Perth



Foundational Meditation Classes – Dates and Booking

The Art of “Being with What Is” : A 6-week series of meditation classes. You will learn how to relax into your inherent wholeness and let go of the inner resistances that causes undue suffering.



One Day Meditation Retreat – Dates and Booking

A Journey into Existential Wholeness: A one day silent meditation retreat dedicated to transcending resistance to “what is” and living a more spiritually surrendered life.

meditation near me


Heart Full Living Workshop – Dates and Booking – COMING SOON

A half day workshop teaching practical evidence-based tools that reduce anxiety and help you to show up on a day to day basis with an open and generous heart.

Heart Intelligence Training - HeartMath Perth



Follow-On Meditation Classes – Dates and Booking

Sitting Around the Fire: A 6-week block of meditation sessions for those who have already completed our foundational training. The intention for this block of sessions is to leverage the potency of our collective stillness and depth.

Perth Meditation Reverence Events


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