Individual Sessions

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Complementary Consultation

Feel free to book in a complementary 30 minute session with Willow – by phone, via Zoom or in person. Discuss your specific needs and challenges together so you can make sure you have a good rapport and check in to see working with him is going to be best for you at this time.

During this session, you may also have a chance to receive an introduction to the tools and technology from the HeartMath Institute, discuss working with mindful self-compassion and meditation and head off with a valuable new tool or perspective.

You may also put together, if appropriate, a mentoring plan for your needs (no pressure!)

Contact us via phone or email organise a time. or 0415463557

Life Coach Perth

HeartMath Foundational Training

Using the foundation of the gold standard evidence-based tools and techniques from The HeartMath Institute, Willow Francis will fully support you to dive deeply into an expanded understanding and new perception of the current habits, blind spots and challenges that may be limiting you to make the positive changes you know are possible.

Over 6 weeks, you will build a solid new foundation of practice that allows you to make immediate, significant and measurable changes to the important areas of your life.

The HeartMath training is all research led and is a powerful approach for: Authentically handling difficult emotions; Re-patterning conditioned emotional habits and reactions; Learning to understand your emotional landscape and how to maintain energy levels and emotional balance through the day; Deliberately learning how to feel and cultivate renewing emotions more consistently – emotions such as gratitude, compassion for self and others, forgiveness, dignity and ease. HeartMath tools also support us to connect with our innate intuition, heart intelligence and spiritual path.

$770 (including GST) (payment plans available if needed)

Includes: 7 hours 1:1 mentoring; worksheets, guided recorded sessions, access to Willow for support throughout the 6 weeks; biofeedback using HeartMath’s Heart Rate Variability monitor.

Willow is also able to offer one-off sessions and follow up sessions at $110 (including GST) per session. Customised programs can be put together as needed.

Contact us directly to discuss booking dates for this training. or 0415463557

Certified HeartMath Coach

Willow Francis has been a coach and mentor for our HeartMath training program for many years and the support he gives our clients is invaluable. We at Macquarie Institute highly recommend Willow’s services and consider him Australia’s leading HeartMath Trainer.


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Meditation Mentoring Sessions

During these sessions, you will learn how to focus, let go and understand what it really means to relax and deeply rest. You will spend time practicing what you learn as well as gaining new and important perspectives on how to work with your awakening practices both during meditation and in your daily life.

Mentees report profound shifts in their lives towards more peace, contentment, emotional regulation and creativity. They also commit to learn to trust into relaxing into being guided by a greater source than what we call the ‘personal self’.

$110 (including GST) per session

Contact Willow directly to discuss booking dates for this training – 0415463557 or

Executive Mentoring

Working with a triad approach, incorporating HeartMath techniques, awakening focused meditation and cryotherapy/breathwork, you will take a special journey with Willow to expand access to the executive centres of your brain, optimise the coordination between elements of your nervous system and over time, tweak the direction of your life’s compass to a more expanded and spiritually oriented perspective.

Willow only has a few spaces each week that he puts aside to work with individuals in this comprehensive way.

He will arrange blocks of sessions that are customised to your requirements and availabilities.

$110 (including GST) per session

Contact Willow directly to discuss booking availability – 0415463557 or


Heath Daly

” I have been practicing holistic medicine my whole life. I find the most important aspect of health is ones ability to deal with stress and not let it escalate. The HeartMath techniques are the best I have come across for achieving this end. I think everyone needs this training. Willow is the best person to teach them.””

Hannah Wilkins

” I cannot recommend this training highly enough. I have been practicing the HeartMath tools for over 5 years, after completing a course with the excellent guidance of Willow. I cannot imagine how I would have managed the challenges of the last 5 years without it. We all need tools to help us manage the stresses of life and I believe these to be the best around. Willow is kind and so caring… you should do this training”

Meredith Drynan

“I recommend Willow for his deep passion for the search for inner peace. He supports others to understand themselves better and to be able to manage the ups and downs of life with more clarity and strength. I use these tools everyday – they support my capacity for more joy, more fun and more ease in this life. And he has great voice for guided meditation!”