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Individual Life Coaching and Couples Counselling with Willow Francis


Life Coach near me

Willow offers a limited number of places to work with individuals and couples in this deep and focused way. 

He generally works with those with caring hearts who are currently suffering.

You may be one such person or couple.

Already with some self-awareness, you get the sense that you need to be carefully supported in skilled and loving mentorship to more gracefully navigate this time you find yourself in.

Perhaps you are in a transition period in your life, perhaps dealing with a particular personal or relationship challenge and/or re-evaluating how to move forward more meaningfully.

Throughout your time with Willow, you will be trained to use a foundational set of evidence-backed tools and practices from the HeartMath Institute.

These will help you to re-balance and renew your nervous system. To access more emotionally stability, cultivate more mature communication, gain bigger picture perspectives on your current challenges and deepen or open your connection with your heart intelligence.

This is what Willow can support you with.

You will start with 6 weeks together.

From the very start, shifts will begin and you will be held in care and support for the entire time together – including weekly sessions and real life practices that will evolve in a personalised way over the weeks.

Book a complementary 30 minute visit, call or video session with Willow to discuss whether working together is right for you at this time.

The 6 week intensive is $990 per person (inc. GST). A payment plan can be discussed.

A Sample of Testimonials

Sam Lycett

“I first started sessions with Willow because I was struggling with my teenage son. I was loosing my patience daily and turning into a crazy women. It was causing not only emotional pain but physical pain in my gut and inflammation in my body. I started doing the HeartMath with Willow and really committed to the exercises he’d given me. I took on all the wonderful advise and within a week my life got a little easier. Problems I thought I had, started to magically to dissolve. Willow just gets life, he knows how to do it really well! He gives you little bite size chunks of goodness to integrate into your daily rhythm  so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s just enough that you can manage and just enough to stretch you so you grow and expand. And next thing you know, little things you used to worry about, don’t bother you anymore and you’re having the best nights sleep you’ve had in years and getting all your energy back and feeling amazing! Sooo much gratitude to this man. Heart to heart, thank you Willow. I highly recommend doing HeartMath with Willow, quite simply it will change your life.

Nick Chester

“I turned to Willow after a period of personal loss – at a time where I realised I had lost connection with my heart. Attending many Reverence Events already with Willow, I knew he was my next mentor. His ‘no fluff’ approach to the world of spirituality was always a winner for me. I knew I was going to be lead through some applicable and practical spiritual training, and I wasn’t wrong. Sessions with Willow were very personal – sitting at the dining table, having a good one-on-one over a cup of tea and cacao. I felt at home, and just as much as I was challenged, I was brought to laugh (at myself and my ingrained ways)! Each session had a a fluidity to it, but a clear continuity as we worked on the practical tools of the HearthMath method. Willow was great at conveying the theory and practices in a way that I could enmesh with. We built my capacity, tool by tool, and reviewed with each sitting. This ensured that I was taking on the training and really embodying it, before moving onto the next. The most challenging bit was of course keeping up a consistent practice. The time investment wasn’t great, but it did take some effort to employ the tools on a daily basis. Willow was always there, lovingly yet firmly, keeping me in check. Now on the other side, there is no question that I have a great connection to my heart, like never before. I now have the tools to drop in to what is true. To self-generate feelings of gratitude, ease, peace and acceptance. I now know how to extend this not only to other, but also to myself. I am healthier and happier for it, simply put. Training with Willow was the right thing, at the right time of life. It has proven to be a pivot-point, for which I remain grateful. Thank you Willow!”


Sandra Kerr

At the beginning of my HeartMath course with Willow, I was without doubt, at the most difficult time of my life I have ever encountered. After the 6 weeks of working with Willow, and embracing his knowledge and the invaluable tools he shared with me,  my life is forever changed in the best possible way. My situation in life has not changed, however my approach to it, and massive gain internally in my level of gratitude, acceptance and calm are nothing short of a miracle. The positivity of this growth visibly radiates to those who know me, who say they have never seen me happier, or more at ease. I cannot thank you enough Willow.

Matt Olejnik

HeartMath training is a potent tool that continues to yield benefits long after completing the course. It offers a highly effective approach, akin to meditation but grounded in a scientific protocol. I highly recommend the course with Willow; the personalized one-on-one feedback is invaluable and surpasses what can be gleaned from a book. Willow’s adept delivery of the course, coupled with his wealth of life wisdom, enhances its effectiveness. Personally, I found this experience more impactful than traditional psychotherapy.”

Matt Hopkins

Thank you for the journey we’ve been on over the last six weeks. I came in as a guy who was grumpy and irritable around his wife and kids and becoming frustrated at work as well. From our first session you helped me shift perspective and from that point on I was able to begin reengaging with my kids to be the dad I wanted to be and rekindle the love with my wife again. The accountability, along with the different strategies gave me the structure and consistency to see the potential of finding coherence in my life. Thanks mate, really. I’m continuing my practice everyday and look forward to coming back to see you to see where else we can go.

Zenifa Bowring

Before completing the training with Willow,  I was struggling to reconcile the stresses of modern female life.  I often felt like I could never get on top of things.  Living a balanced life seemed like an elusive dream.  I was carrying a lot of stress and anxiety which lead to constant exhaustion and irritability – which was no fun for anyone, least of all myself. The course gave me the tools I needed to access my inherent wisdom and achieve the balance which had been alluding me. Willow provided a gentle and supportive space to learn, where the subtleties of the HeartMath tools were explored and understood.  The tools are simple yet powerful. Whilst I still have all the same apparent stressors, my perceptions have shifted to allow me to move through my days with ease, accessing authentic feelings of love and gratitude and joy for life.  My inner security has grown knowing I have the tools to manage the challenges of life. Thank you Willow!”

Heath Daly

“I have been practicing holistic medicine my whole life. I find the most important aspect of health is ones ability to deal with stress and not let it escalate. The HeartMath techniques are the best I have come across for achieving this end. I think everyone needs this training. Willow is the best person to teach them.””

Hannah Wilkins

“I cannot recommend this training highly enough. I have been practicing the HeartMath tools for over 5 years, after completing a course with the excellent guidance of Willow. I cannot imagine how I would have managed the challenges of the last 5 years without it. We all need tools to help us manage the stresses of life and I believe these to be the best around. Willow is kind and so caring… you should do this training”

Meredith Drynan

“I recommend Willow for his deep passion for the search for inner peace. He supports others to understand themselves better and to be able to manage the ups and downs of life with more clarity and strength. I use these tools everyday – they support my capacity for more joy, more fun and more ease in this life. And he has great voice for guided meditation!”


Certified HeartMath Coach

Willow Francis has been a coach and mentor for our HeartMath training program for many years and the support he gives our clients is invaluable. We at Macquarie Institute highly recommend Willow’s services and consider him Australia’s leading HeartMath Trainer.



Complementary Consultation

Book a complementary 30 minute session with Willow – by phone, via Zoom or in person. Discuss your specific needs and challenges together so you can make sure you have a good rapport and check in to see working with him is going to be best for you at this time.

During this session, you may also have a chance to receive an introduction to the tools and technology from the HeartMath Institute, discuss working with mindful self-compassion and meditation and head off with a valuable new tool or perspective.

Book a time using the calendar below.


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