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6 Week Coaching Program with Willow Francis

Are you someone struggling to handle anxiety, daily challenges and your relationship with your mind and emotions?

Work with me in my 6 week Coaching Program

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My mission is to support you to unshackle from your daily mental and emotional suffering so you can genuinely enjoy your life, feel more liberated, give gracefully and generously to what is important to you, and live in alignment with your deeper values.

Welcome, I am glad you have found me.

My mission is to support you to unshackle from your daily mental and emotional suffering so you can genuinely enjoy your life, feel more liberated, give gracefully and generously to what is important to you, and live in alignment with your deeper values.

For a long time, I saw a values gap opening up for those wanting to live a more conscious or spiritually oriented life. 

There was a gap between what people knew to be true on a deeper level around reality and how they were actually able to show up on a day-to-day basis. It broke my heart.

My mission is to support you in genuinely closing that gap.

I know you have a deep desire to be kind, live without judging, be patient, less reactive, and liberated!

In reality, however, you may be experiencing a lot of the opposite: getting irritated with those you love, overwhelmed and rushed as you navigate responsibilities, and pushed around by the obligations and unhealthy agendas of family and society. 

That is where I come in. I have three decades of experience supporting thousands of individuals in bringing spiritual knowings into their practical daily lives, assisting in expanding emotional capacities, and really getting down to business of supporting individuals to live a liberated, joy-filled, and gracious life!

I have put all that I share to the test time and time again, for myself and those from all walks of life—through times of little and times of plenty; times of glory and times of deep suffering; times of opportunity and times of loss.

I am here to walk with you for a time and support you in relaxing into being more of who you already know yourself to be deep down.

I meet you in the real, where the rubber meets the road. 

We will reduce your daily suffering and build your emotional and spiritual stamina together.

This is for you if you are ready to change and do some inner work to evolve. 

This isn’t for you if you are just wanting to talk purely for info-tainment; I have a no-excuses policy when we work together. We both commit to the journey earnestly and wholeheartedly.

Ready to get underway? I hope so. First step? Book a free 30-minute consultation with me.

Big love, Willow

I first started sessions with Willow because I was struggling with my teenage son. I was losing my patience daily and turning into a crazy women. It was causing not only emotional pain but physical pain in my gut and inflammation in my body. I started doing the training with Willow and really committed to the exercises he’d given me. I took on all the wonderful advise and within a week my life got a little easier. Problems I thought I had, started magically to dissolve. Willow just gets life, he knows how to do it really well! He gives you little bite size chunks of goodness to integrate into your daily rhythm so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s just enough that you can manage and just enough to stretch you so you grow and expand. And next thing you know, little things you used to worry about, don’t bother you anymore and you’re having the best nights sleep you’ve had in years and getting all your energy back and feeling amazing! Sooo much gratitude to this man. Heart to heart, thank you Willow. I highly recommend doing this with Willow, quite simply it will change your life. – Sam Lycett

How does it work?

Once you have had your complementary session with me and we both decide to work together, we will schedule all seven of your weekly sessions. 

I like to keep to the same day and time, if possible, to support optimal consistency, momentum, and accountability.

The first session will be 1.5 hours, and the subsequent sessions will be 1 hour. You will have worksheets, recordings, and exercises to work with each week to ground the teachings into the real (not too much!).

During the first session, we will get into the foundations, including getting some baseline measures of your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) using biofeedback. HRV is a powerful objective measure of how your nervous system is functioning. 

We will use this technology, if appropriate, throughout the training.

The first stage of the program is to down-regulate your nervous system. We will work with simple but powerful evidence-backed tools from The HeartMath Institute to support you in bringing the two branches of your autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic and sympathetic) into a more balanced and what we call coherent state. 

This allows you to take charge of reactivity, modulate your daily pace, and make more deliberate choices when you say “yes” and “no.” It also starts to nurture your system to more frequently access and feel more aligned emotions such as gratitude, self-kindness, and calm.

Once you can practically move through the day in a more balanced way, we can start to work on gently changing your emotional reactivity set point—your habitual patterns that take you away from living in alignment with your deeper core values.

This allows more access to your neocortex, the part of the brain that governs our more executive and evolved capacities. This gives you more choice about how you respond to challenges that arise throughout the day.

As we move through the weeks, you will now be experiencing fewer fight/flight/freeze reactions in the body, and we can get further into allowing more expanded perceptions of current challenges to emerge and be integrated into a more balanced nervous system.

We can identify limiting aspects of your current worldview, constricting attitudes, and old patterns that trigger you into fearful ways of thinking and feeling. – Getting some height so you can look down on your life from a new point of view.

Then it gets even more fun—building new patterns and habits of gratefulness, freedom, and inspiration!

What a great journey to be on with you!

Life Coach Near Me

I turned to Willow after a period of personal loss – at a time where I realised I had lost connection with my heart. Attending many Reverence Events already with Willow, I knew he was my next mentor. His ‘no fluff’ approach to the world of spirituality was always a winner for me. I knew I was going to be lead through some applicable and practical spiritual training, and I wasn’t wrong. Sessions with Willow were very personal – sitting at the dining table, having a good one-on-one over a cup of tea and cacao. I felt at home, and just as much as I was challenged, I was brought to laugh (at myself and my ingrained ways)! Each session had a a fluidity to it, but a clear continuity as we worked on the practical tools of the HeartMath method. Willow was great at conveying the theory and practices in a way that I could enmesh with. We built my capacity, tool by tool, and reviewed with each sitting. This ensured that I was taking on the training and really embodying it, before moving onto the next. The most challenging bit was of course keeping up a consistent practice. The time investment wasn’t great, but it did take some effort to employ the tools on a daily basis. Willow was always there, lovingly yet firmly, keeping me in check. Now on the other side, there is no question that I have a great connection to my heart, like never before. I now have the tools to drop in to what is true. To self-generate feelings of gratitude, ease, peace and acceptance. I now know how to extend this not only to other, but also to myself. I am healthier and happier for it, simply put. Training with Willow was the right thing, at the right time of life. It has proven to be a pivot-point, for which I remain grateful. Thank you Willow! – Nick Chester

A bit about me

I am what you could call a “reverently irreverent.” life coach. I have a deep passion for living a generous, fully engaged, and discerning life. I have stayed committed to the magic, goodness, and potentiality of life and humanity through the darkest of times (and there have been many!) and the most joyful of times (and there have been many!). 
My soul journey has been one of liberation. Always looking behind the metaphorical curtain, laughing at what I find, and wanting to share the joke with everyone!
I have a good basis in anatomy and practical care (nursing and paramedics for 2 decades), as well as full immersion into meditation, mindfulness, and healing modalities within the more holistic and wisdom traditions (3 decades of experience).
I use a variety of tools, processes, and practices, but I do ground much of the foundation of the program in the incredible work from the HeartMath Institute.
I want to share it all with you so you can live joyfully, generously, and free!
Life Coach near me

What is the cost of the program?


The total for the full 6 week program is $997 (including GST).  This includes the 6 weeks of sessions, MP3 recordings, worksheets and access to dialogue with me personally via email throughout the entire program.

Ideally, we get the money stuff out the way before we begin. If you do need to have a payment plan in place though, I can do that too.

At the beginning of my training with Willow, I was without doubt, at the most difficult time of my life I have ever encountered. After the the training with Willow, and embracing his knowledge and the invaluable tools he shared with me, my life is forever changed in the best possible way. My situation in life has not changed, however my approach to it, and massive gain internally in my level of  gratitude, acceptance and calm are nothing short of a miracle. The positivity of this growth visibly radiates to those who know me, who say they have never seen me happier, or more at ease. I cannot thank you enough Willow. – Sandra Kerr

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, not much more than 30 mins per day.

Most of what we do is integrated throughout the structures and routines you already have in place in your day.

Having said that, the work we do does require earnest commitment as we will be coming up to sometimes engrained patterns of response, resistence and engrained beliefs or attitudes.

I have what I call a “no excuse” policy for the weekly focus as it is all about prioritising for your success. Each positive shift will be celebrated together. 

Yes, we book your full 7 weekly sessions in at the beginning. Consistency is key and having too many long gaps between sessions breaks the momentum.

If we do need to reschedule though at times throughout the training, that is ok too.

The first session is 1.5 hours and then the following 6 sessions are 1 hour.

I like to have the 30 minute free session with you before booking you into the full training with me so we can make sure we are all on the same page and have a good rapport together.

This can be in person, via phone or Zoom. Once on board, there is not generally a long wait to start the training.

I do prefer in person if we can, but if not, we can use Zoom, or even the phone.

Or we can have some sessions in person, and some via Zoom if that works better for you.

Before completing the training with Willow,  I was struggling to reconcile the stresses of modern female life.  I often felt like I could never get on top of things.  Living a balanced life seemed like an elusive dream.  I was carrying a lot of stress and anxiety which lead to constant exhaustion and irritability – which was no fun for anyone, least of all myself. The course gave me the tools I needed to access my inherent wisdom and achieve the balance which had been alluding me. Willow provided a gentle and supportive space to learn, where the subtleties of the tools were explored and understood.  The tools he teaches are simple yet powerful. Whilst I still have all the same apparent stressors, my perceptions have shifted to allow me to move through my days with ease, accessing authentic feelings of love and gratitude and joy for life.  My inner security has grown knowing I have the tools to manage the challenges of life. Thank you Willow!” – Zen Bowring


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