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Ceremonial Cacao Paste


Our rich, velvety, organic, ceremonial cacao paste is incredible to work with spiritually in your meditation and Cacao Ceremony and nutritionally as a daily health tonic.

1KG Box


The qualities within ceremonial cacao paste facilitate a genuine connection with the most noble aspects of our humanity such as gratitude, compassion and self-kindness. 

The pharmacology of cacao supports our innate wisdom, an holistic sense of well-being, and our connection with our divine essence.


10.4.24 A NOTE FROM CATHERINE AND WILLOW: As many of you know, we have entered a challenging time for cacao growers. Many farmers are experiencing significant crop shortages due to the impact of rapidly changing weather conditions. Transport costs have also increased in response to the current complex geopolitical environment. We will continue to support our cacao people and this means an increase in cacao costs for us all.  We have been, and will continue to, modulate our cacao costs. The cost of our last order, however, increased by 30%! If we were to increase the price of our 1kg boxes by 30%, they would go from $70 to $91!. We have chosen just to make them $75 at this point. Although challenging, we hope you can all stay steady with us and continue to value the continued supply we have and honour the cacao growers for their resiliency and adaptability in this unsteady time. Warm, reverent and chocolatey regards, Catherine and Willow


What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Though not officially defined, “ceremonial” or “ceremonial grade” paste has features that set it apart from regular cacao paste or powder.

Firstly, it originates from organic cultivation, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the environment, the farmers, and the communities they sustain.

Secondly, the preparation of the paste at each stage is carried out with respect and care.

Lastly, ceremonial cacao is imbued with the pure intention and reverence of those who serve it, creating a bridge between humanity, the divine, and the natural world. When we say ceremonial grade cacao, we mean it’s grown and chosen with care and prepared with integrity to it’s ethical and energetic aspects.


Why work with Ceremonial Cacao?

In addition to working with cacao ceremonially, cacao paste is highly nutritious for your elixirs and all (sweet and savoury) chocolate foods and drinks.

You can have it as a coffee replacement for a gentler, more nourishing energy lift during the day.

It has a sublime flavour profile in it’s is pure, raw, unrefined, being made from heirloom variety criollo cacao beans that have been fermented, dried and then milled finely.


Where is it grown?

Our cacao is grown and harvested sustainably in the region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin province of northern Peru, where cacao grows natively. The community is part of a social responsibility program that promotes fair trade and sustainable farming practices. Growers are certified through the globally recognised UTZ program which offers expert guidance on better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature.


Co-founders Catherine and Willow Francis have been working with cacao nutritionally and in ceremony since 2009.


How to prepare your Ceremonial Cacao?

You will use 20 – 40g of Cacao Paste in one cup of your ceremonial cacao drink (click on this link for a recipe).


* $1 from every box of Cacao Paste sold is donated to the Pachamama Alliance. Their mission is to create an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on the planet. They also work in partnership with the Achuar people of the Amazon to support their work to keep their land and culture intact.

* Packaging is made from recycled material using water-based, organic pigment inks and is home compostable

Weight1030 g


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