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Cacao Ceremony Gift Certificate – E-Voucher


These special sessions, held throughout the year in the Perth Metro Area in WA, are designed to facilitate a connection with our wisdom, inner balance point, and noble human qualities such as gratitude and compassion for ourselves and others.

Bring your friends and (willing!) family members along with you to a Cacao Ceremony.

Or simply gift a Cacao Ceremony to a loved one to nurture and support them.

This 3-hour session includes:

  • The sacrament…2 serves of our beautiful, rich, potent ceremonial cacao brew
  • An introduction to the qualities of cacao and ceremony
  • Supportive guidance for those new to meditation to deepen and support their experience
  • Guided meditation for relaxation and coherence (bringing the brain, body, and physical heart into a more balanced and synchronised state)
  • Sound technology within the long soundscape (surround sound) that supports the brain waves to naturally slow down. This facilitates a focus on subtleties within
  • Supportive BackJack meditation chairs (with a wedge base cushion and angled back rest) for optimal postural support
  • Access to the Mindfolds—special eye masks that eliminate all light without pressing on the eyes
  • A shared reflection time that supports integration and a deepening of connection with others

You will receive an electronic gift voucher that is of high digital quality, perfect for either sending via email or high-quality printing.

* Expires 31st December 2024


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