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COCOON OF SERENITY | Winter Cacao Ceremony & Spatial Sound Journey

  • COCOON OF SERENITY | Winter Cacao Ceremony & Spatial Sound Journey
     August 12, 2023
     4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us at the YogaLab in Fremantle for a journey deep within your cellular being. Experience the powerful fusion of Sacred Cacao and cutting-edge brainwave synchronization technologies, including the groundbreaking sound engineering techniques of the Monroe Institute (Spatial Angle Modulation) and iAWAKE, along with the harmonizing frequencies of alpha, theta, and delta waves.

In this guided voyage, we begin with a delicious ceremonial Cacao drink, rich in neurochemicals and magnesium, setting the stage for a profound inner exploration. The carefully crafted soundscape comes alive within your conscious mind, guiding your brain to slow down and access the spacious depths usually experienced by seasoned meditators.

As your brain rhythms decelerate, a shift occurs in your awareness, opening the door to new perspectives on life. Many participants report heightened creativity, inspiration, self-reflection, self-healing, and deep relaxation as they surrender to the transformative power of sound technology. Time seems to suspend in these altered states, allowing for a deep sense of presence and a fresh relationship with oneself.

Please note that spaces are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your spot now and join us for this transformative journey of inner exploration.

Bookings for this particular ceremony are directly through the YogaLab site. $75


Follow this link.

Venue:   Yoga Lab Fremantle

Venue Phone: 0431548068

Venue Website:

181 High St, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

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