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Ceremonial Cacao Paste

This organic, 100% cacao paste is made from fine criollo variety cacao beans that have been fermented, dried and then milled very finely. It still retains all of its wholefood qualities.

The cacao is grown and harvested sustainably in the region of Tarapoto, in the San Martin province of northern Peru. Tarapoto is a small village in a part of the world where cacao grows natively.

This cacao is powerful to work with spiritually in your ceremonies and meditations.

It also has an incredible flavour profile when compared to other cacao paste’s and it wonderful to use to make your chocolate, cacao beverages and in cooking sweet and savoury dishes.

We provide a drink recipe when you buy one of our 1kg bags of cacao which is perfect for meditations, ceremonies and as a coffee replacement.

Packaging is fully home compostable.

Our online store is coming soon – Email, text or call us in the meantime to order. $65 per 1kg bag. Collection from Fremantle, WA area or we can post out for $9 for 1kg or $12 for 2kg

Wholesale pricing available for orders over 10kg.

Email: contact@reverenceevents.com.au

Phone: 0415463557

Reverence Ceremonial Cacao

“Hands down the most beautiful cacao I have ever had. It is so velvety that is is just divine and it is the best way to start my day. My entire experience with Willow and Catherine has been amazing. They are prompt and so passionate about what they do and I am so grateful I found them”


Ceremonial Cacao Perth

Organic 70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate

This organic, small batch dark chocolate is passionately hand made by Royal Show award winning chocolatiers Catherine and Willow, who have been working with cacao and chocolate at a culinary, health and spiritual level since 2009.

Every batch is conched* for a minimum of 24 hours, resulting in a velvety smooth and creamy texture. Fine criollo cacao beans are sourced from a small village in Peru where cacao natively flourishes.

Our supplier nurtures a close relationship with the farming community through a social responsibility program that promotes fair trade and sustainable farming practices. Growers are certified through the globally recognised UTZ program which offers expert guidance on better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature.

Organic | Non-GMO | Dairy free | Fully home compostable packaging

Our online store is coming soon – Email, text or call us in the meantime to order. $15 per bar. Collection from Fremantle, WA area or we can post out for $9 (this post bag can fit multiple bars)

Email: contact@reverenceevents.com.au

Phone: 0415463557

* Conching – the process of finely grinding the ingredients together so that flavour and texture matures through milling, frictional heat and release of volatiles and acids, The original vessels used resembled conch shells

Reverence Chocolate

“STUNNING chocolate and stunning people! So knowledgeable and generous, you’d not want to look any further for gorgeous chocolate products or amazing educational experiences”


“Truly an amazing product. Definitely some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted, so full of energy and flavor woooooww. It also helps when it has been created by some beautiful souls 🙂