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Why attend a Cacao Ceremony?



Around 10 years ago, Willow and I were working with plant medicines to support individuals to heal physically and to evolve, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. We were also incredibly drawn to working with cacao at that time – the seed of the fruit of the Theobroma Cacao tree (where all chocolate comes from). 

Our work with cacao was, at the start, primarily focused on its health benefits for the physical body. It is a profoundly nutritious food and Willow and I, with our medical backgrounds, were very excited to work more closely with this beautiful food medicine. Also to share our discoveries. We started running Chocolate Therapy Workshops and we hosted these health and chocolate immersion events for many years!

Cacao is much, much more than a nutritious food

Over a short period of time, it became clear that this food was more, much more than just a delicious and nutritious food.

We began to feel subtle energetic shifts within ourselves – a softening of our ego’s edges, a deeper experience of gratitude, a looking towards compassion and forgiveness more directly, a sense of internal latitude as well as a commitment to cultivating other refined qualities of humanity – such as dignity and an understanding of the strength of an unwavering open heart. 
We became certain that we could work with cacao in ceremony as we had done with other potent plant medicines.

We were right.

What unfolded into existence is an event that has now been running for the past decade.

There are as many ways to run a cacao ceremony as there are individuals with skills and a will to do it.

Why attend a Cacao Ceremony that focuses on meditation & sound?

The experience of having time. Precious time.

To sit in a circle of humanity, where you feel nurtured and full. 

Where you can rest, deeply rest. 

Where no one is asking anything of you and you can let go of all the constructed roles you play in your day to day life in order to contemplate your deeper, wiser nature. 

To slow everything down for a moment and listen. Listen to the whispers of your heart and of your spirit nudging you back onto your unique path when you might have inadvertently strayed.

To have space to remember what is truly important – remembering your true nature, the precious people in your life, your core values – one’s that might have slipped to be background in your rush to meet all those imposed self-expectations of output and achievement.

To give your body some space to heal, your mind some space to be fresh in creativity and your emotions some space to be acknowledged and integrated.

To be honoured with all the support that cacao provides. 

In Conclusion

10 years on…we are more passionate than ever in espousing the benefits of sitting together in ceremony, being still and connecting with the powerful plant medicine that is Cacao.

Read more about our Cacao Ceremonies here

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