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3 Rituals for Living More Consciously

Life Coach Perth

3 Rituals you can bring into your daily routine that support you to stay more conscious and connected with what’s important as you move through the day. 

Why Rituals?

Today, it is so easy to be continually rushed, distracted, and overwhelmed.

Even to the point where we disconnect from our ability to know how to care for ourselves and connect with our deeper, more soulful internal commitments.

I see a ritual as a sacred boundary. A healthy, soul-nourishing container to keep us connected with what’s really important.

We know that prioritising our connection to our soul and spirit every day actually gives us everything we truly want (and that we are trying to get with all that rushing around).

Aligning our actions with our deeper, more integral values stokes that connection.

And that the pace required for this connection is deliberate.

The mind, however, is like a very demanding toddler so, it needs clear, loving, non-negotiable boundaries (just like a toddler).

Rituals provide these.



The 3 Simple Rituals

Here are 3 simple, but profound rituals to support you to live
more in alignment with your deeper self, your spirit and your soul.

1. Before sending an email or text message, read it back over and check for spelling, grammar, and feel.

This is true respect.

Respecting the person who will receive the message enough to make sure it is right.

People feel that respect, and it builds trust in the relationship.

They feel the quality of your attention.

Rushing off a quick text on the move does not show high levels of care.

This practice is a powerful ritual for conscious living.

2. “Saying Grace” . This old-school American term is so relevant today.

Take a moment before every meal to say “thank you.”

Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the abundance you have in front of you.

Affirm how this meal will nourish your body.

Gratitude offered in this way shows reverence for life.

It also prepares your whole body for digestion as well as filling it with well-being-optimising neuro-chemicals and hormones.

3. Daily contemplation: sitting quietly with ourselves for even a few minutes (ideally at the beginning of the day) is a powerful commitment to living consciously.

Take a moment to be still, tune in to what is beyond the thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations of the body, and listen.

In this posture, we are receptive to our spirit.

Give thanks for the majesty and mystery of our existence.

This simple practice is life-changing.

It shows our surface selves where our real priorities lie.

Set up a cushion on the floor or use a particular chair that is always set up for this ritual.

Don’t skip it for anything.


In Conclusion

Our culture today is moving at a pace that doesn’t naturally facilitate conscious living.

We need to bring rituals, or sacred boundaries, into our daily lives to ensure that we stay conscious and connected with what is really important.

Try one, two or all of these and send us a message and let us know how you go.

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