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A Simple Practice for Reducing Daily Energy Drains

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It is the habitual daily emotional undercurrents that play a huge role in maintaining or draining our daily energy….read about this simple practice to track your habits and get more energy.


Your “Emotional Soundtrack” rules your energy

We are all wired genetically to deal with the big stuff. We become focused, can achieve incredible feats of action and have profound adaptability. 

It is the triggers of small daily irritations, frustrations and disappointments however, that can gradually and consistently drain away our energy without us even really noticing.

Like one too many applications (apps) staying open in the background on your phone. 

It is these habitual emotional undercurrents that play a huge role in maintaining or draining our daily energy (as well contributing to any chronic health challenges we may be facing).

For example, if you let a feeling of irritation build, you end up in frustration or anger, which drains huge amounts of emotional energy. 

When you allow moans and groans to go unattended, they will sap your emotional strength.

Taking stock of which “emotional apps” you are leaving to run and making a commitment to turn off even one of these regular energy drains is a powerful exercise. 

We all have what could be called an internal and external “emotional soundtrack” that indicates our personal triggers and feelings. These can be leveraged to help us close the apps. 

You can start restoring your emotional energy by tracking the stress feelings that trigger your emotional drains and then use a technique like HeartMath’s Neutral Tool (outlined below) to intervene and transform that stressor in the moment you recognise it.

In the HeartMath Institute’s fantastic book “Transforming Stress”, they state that “tracking your emotional soundscape is an enlightening exercise that gives you a lot more self-awareness.


Your outer effect such as sighs, swear words, banging doors, negative humour and expressions whispered under your breath can give you clues to the feelings underneath. 

Even when you don’t express your feelings aloud, there can be an inner emotional sound track.

Your internal sound effect, like groans or ughs will influence your next thoughts and choices and your energy levels.

They create an inner tone and attitude. 

Once you become more conscious of your inner and outer sound effects and track the feelings that are going on underneath, you’ll start to see where your energy is going. 

You’ll even see humour in your reactions and that helps to release stress too.“




Tracking your own emotional soundtrack

Here is an exercise to start tracking your own emotional soundscape and reclaiming emotional and physical energy.

1. Make 3 columns: one for common situations that drain your energy, another for the stress feelings that come in these situations and the third, the emotional sounds effects (inner and outer) you use to express these feelings.

2. Pick a common feeling you have identified (such as irritation, disappointment or feeling disrespected). Spend the next week focusing on becoming aware when your inner or outer soundscape indicate that this draining feeling has risen up for you.

3. As soon as you recognise it, commit to using HeartMath’s Neutral Tool to transform it. This is a life-changing practice.

Remember that it is the frequent draining feelings you have that we focus on, NOT the situations that bring them on.


The Neutral Tool from The HeartMath Institute

1. Shift your attention – Immediately shift your attention to the area around your heart. Really bring your full attention here.

2. Start some Heart Focused Breathing – Slow and deepen your breathing in a gentle relaxed way and imagine or pretend that your breath is coming in through your heart on inhalation, and out through your heart on exhalation.

3. Hold to a sense of ‘Neutral’ – You can use the phrase “No Opinion” or the word “Neutral” and what this word represents to you in order to keep your mind focused while your body is soothed by the deep slow heart focused breathing. Imagine breathing Neutral in and out of your heart with the breath. 

4. Listen – Before you move on, attend to any new information or intuitions that arises from this more settled place. This is where you can start to make different choices that create more time and energy and keep you more connected to your core values.


In Conclusion

Our emotional undercurrents influence our energy levels much more than we may think. Getting to know your personal “go-to’s” – the depleting emotions that you tend towards and the sounds that are linked to them – is a powerful way to start reclaiming some agency over your daily energy.

This can actually be an enjoyable and enlightening process!


Enjoy this self-enquiry process and let us know how you go!

You can email us ( directly if you feel you need more support to handle where you are at right now with your energy or emotions.


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